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About Us

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Our Mission:

Better Beehive Project collects the voice of the disability community and their loved ones through our simple and unique “Buzz” and “Sting” rating system. Our platform highlights disability-friendly businesses and organizations by providing them with feedback on their level of inclusivity towards the disability community through our fun and informative feedback system.

Our Story:

    The Better Beehive Project was founded by Veronica Martinez – a passionate entrepreneur dedicated to shedding light on the strength and beauty in recognizing difference. Veronica’s personal journey as a mother to two children with special needs, an individual that has experienced debilitating illness, advocate in the Austin community especially in the field of children’s mental health, board member and volunteer on multiple non-profits and community organizations will always forge ahead with the intent of promoting diversity because of a strong belief that a beautiful enriched community that recognizes and admires each others differences will be successful, resilient and essentially our path to a better more inclusive society. The Better Beehive Project aspires to bring awareness to the needs to the disability community in order to both ease their lives and to allow our greater community to share the magic in universal design and innovation that is prompted when working to create an inclusive community.

Better Beehive Project was born when Veronica was writing a children’s story about her daughter, the main character was an adorable little bee living in a beehive. When Nana-bee was unable to conform to the bee dance for the spring fling she taught her fellow beehive citizens that through her beautiful difference and non-conformity she was spreading a beautiful message of a Better Beehive. Her uniqueness and her fellow beehive citizen’s willingness to see her as a useful, included and accepted citizen of their Better Beehive they were living true inclusion. At the Better Beehive Project we believe We can Bee the Change because this is Our Hive, and we are Better Together.