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Services & Products

Better Beehive is entrenched in our local community always advocating for the Special Needs Community. We offer many services for your family. Please feel free to reach out to for more information on any service you feel may help you or your family.


Disaster Relief Mental Health Calm Box

Better Beehive Project, LLC. in partnership with Epiphany in Education, LLC. is offering the public the opportunity to sponsor a Disaster Relief Calm Box for victims of recent Natural Disasters. Research shows that when a child has been exposed to an abrupt change or trauma allowing the child the opportunity to quickly connect with things that are uniquely their own can help with coping, especially when displaced from their own personal items. Children with special needs often need items connected with maintaining their mental health, coping with their environment and calming sensory input. Epiphany in Education, LLC. and Better Beehive Project, LLC. Have created a calm box that will help children cope with a recent trauma. Please place order below and we will send calm boxes to identified hubs in the disaster zones. Please visit our partner Epiphany in Education for more information on the benefit of calm boxes for mental health. ( Thank you for your sponsorship.


Veronica Martinez, has many years of experience advocating for the rights of individuals with a disability in both the school and community systems. Veronica will begin the process of advocacy by organizing paperwork and helping family define a clear path to success specific to them and their needs. ¬†Veronica meets with family to gain a true understanding of the needs of the family and individual. Next, Veronica works with the family or individual and maps out a plan of tackling and managing needs through various systems. Veronica has many hours of training in Wraparound Services, IDEA and Sect 504 services, extremely knowledgeable in local resources and will attend ARD meetings with parents/guardians. Veronica served as a Parent Liaison for The Children’s Partnership, is a provider on the YES Waiver system, and has been trained as a facilitator for NAMI Basics and is a Certified Family Partner through Via Hope. Advocacy services are offered on an hourly basis with a free one hour initial consultation. Email or call 512-350-7357 to schedule your free consultation.


Nurturing Parenting

At Better Beehive we believe in promoting evidence based curriculum, and Nurturing ParentingProgram is our curriculum of choice.  We meet with parents one time per week for one hour on a consistent basis every week. Nurturing Parenting is a 16 week commitment, evidence-based and really works on the fundamentals of parenting a child with complex needs. Please email or call 512-350-7357 for more information.





(Coming Soon) Buzz Therapeutic Board Games Subscription Service

At Better Beehive we understand the importance of family quality time, but we also understand that every moment is a moment to learn, especially when your child needs more practice and training in any aspect of life. We have created a Buzz Therapeutic Board Games Subscription Service, games can be expensive, this way you can try out a new game with your child or teen and

Board game picture

see if the game reaches goals, promotes family bonding and more importantly is FUN!

How does it work?

Subscription Box is $30 per month for 1 game. First month will have a $10.oo initiation fee to cover any future replacements of board game pieces.

If your family enjoys the board game and you would like to keep it then we will bill you for the rest of the amount. ($20.00 of your monthly fee will go to the cost of the board game) If your family did not enjoy the board game and would like to try a new one, just send it back, free shipping, and we will match you with another incredible board game for your family.

If you feel your family would be interested in this service please send us an email at to let us know.