Disability-Friendly Partner Sticker

Imagine a world where Accessibility and Inclusion are an integral part of life. A world where disability-friendly is the norm and just means “good for business

At Better Beehive we believe that this can be a reality. We can Bee the Change by sharing our Journey and letting businesses and organizations know how to better earn our time and money.

Our inspiring idea manifests as an unparalleled review application and an opportunity for businesses and organizations to take the Better Beehive Disability-Friendly Pledge dedicating them to a commitment of running their organization in an accessible, inclusive, and empowering manner rendering them the distinction of a Better Beehive Partner. The Better Beehive Buzz-Sting Review System permits an unprecedented level of accountability of all businesses and organizations allowing the disability community and their loved ones an opportunity to share their experiences as patrons at various establishments endowing the organization the opportunity to earn a BUZZ review. A BUZZ review is a win-win for businesses and customers because a customer can be assured a positive disability-friendly experience and the business now has the coveted “word of mouth” approval, and access to an enormous and untapped market.

Become a Better Beehive Disability Friendly Partner


Competitive Edge

The disability community comprises close to 20% of the U.S. Population, not including our loved ones. Imagine the impact reaching this market could have for your bottom line. Pledging to become a Better Beehive Partner gives your business a competitive edge.

Loyal Patrons

The smiling face of a welcoming, flexible and accommodating business owner or employee makes a lasting impression on our day, especially when having a disability or a child with a disability. When the disability community is treated with respect, kindness and dignity we are very loyal customers and always want to tell our friends about our great experiences at your business.

Be a Leader in your Community

Businesses can capitalize on the opportunity to make a true difference in a patron’s life and the community at large. Your businesses’ identity becomes synonymous with “inclusion”, “accessibility”, “disability-friendly” and “kindness” which are all wonderful values for your mission to be aligned.

Stand Out

When your business becomes a Better Beehive Disability Friendly Partner we work diligently to shout from the rooftops that your business is disability friendly and a valued part of the community. We provide social media exposure, window decal, pledge letter and special recognition on your profile page, along with a link to your website if available.

Benefits of Taking the Pledge and Becoming a Better Beehive Business Partner

A yearly signing of our Better Beehive Business Partner pledge will enhance your businesses exposure in the marketplace.

  • Special insignia on your businesses’ profile page

  • Yearly signed pledge letter

  • Yearly window decal for front door of establishment

  • Social Media Exposure

  • Spotlight on monthly newsletter